How is the PI Cohort Calculated?

Pi Cohort populates from the census and can be used by the performance analysis to analyse the performance in your school. You need to collect all the exam results for the candidates in the current season so that when collating your examination results they are successfully put into up to two groups.

The first group which is named PI15yyyy(yyyy is the year exams are being taken) contains students that are on roll on PLASC/CENSUS day who are recorded as being members of Curriculum year 11 at date.

The second group which is named PIP16yyyy(yyyy is the year which the exams are being taken) will contain students that are on roll on PLASC day who were 16,17 or 18 years of age on 31st August and who have completed two years of the post-16 study.

Reviewed 24/5/2019

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