How do I Allocate Extra Time to a Candidate with Special Arrangements?

Once a candidate has been made eligible for Special Arrangements, it is possible to assign to them additional time for an examination sitting

How do I make Candidate Eligible for Special Arrangements?

Click the Seating Organiser button on the Application Bar or select Focus |Seating Organiser to display the Seating Organiser Component browser.

Click the Refresh button to view all seating plans that match the specified criteria.

Highlight the component Title for which you wish to arrange the seating and click the View/Edit button to display the Seating Organiser Details form.

Highlight an existing Component Sitting and click the Edit Item button to display the Edit Component Sitting dialog. Alternatively, click the Add button to create a new component sitting.

Enter the amount of additional time you wish to grant the candidate (in per cent format) in the Extra % field if this is different to the default figure of 25%.

Press the Tab key to populate the Extra Minutes field with the number of additional minutes assigned to the candidate. This field converts the per cent figure entered in the Extra % field into a number of minutes.

Click the Save button to return to the Seating Organiser Details form.
The Extra time field in the candidate’s list on the left-hand side of the page will update to display the number of additional minutes assigned to the candidate for the selected component sitting.

Click the Save Record Changes button on the Focus Bar to save the changes.

Reviewed on 24/05/2019

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