How do I split Basedata to separate Certification elements into separate awards?

We have received many calls to the helpdesk regarding linking awards to courses in SIMS, where the Basedata Award imported into Examinations may contain more than one certification element. This can cause problems within Course Manager due to the fact you can only link one award to one course, so results for both certifications will pull through into that one course.

Therefore, an additional award needs to be added to separate the Basedata, enabling you to link the separate certifications elements to the separate courses. Let’s take a look at an example:

AQA Basedata received for the July 2012 and GCSE Award for Art and Design 4200:

The first step involves adding an award – Right click on the Series Title and select Add a New Award

Enter the Internal Title – e.g. 4206 Art and Design Photography
Select the Qualification – e.g. GCSE and select Save.

The new Award will now appear within the Basedata Structure

The next stage involves linking the Certification element (and units) to the new award. Right click on the new award created and select ‘Include an Existing Element’

Include Elements in Award window will appear allowing you to select the required elements for the new award. Select the required award in Available Items and use the Choose > button to select required elements and select the Update Button.

This will now add the Certification (and Unit) Elements to your new award, we will now need to detach the Art and Design photography elements from the original Award 4200.

To remove / detach the elements, right click on the element we need to remove from original award and select ‘Detach Element from Award’

Select Yes to confirm and repeat for other elements that need to be removed.

Your Basedata should now look like this







Reviewed 24/5/2019

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