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Course Manager – Linking Exam Awards to course in Course Manager

There are two ways that you can link courses to QANs:

1.Adding an Award to the Examination panel in Maintain Course, clicking new here will pull through any Award that has been imported into Exams Organiser. If the award is new and basedata has not yet been imported that contains the specific award, it will not be available here.

2.Adding a QAN via the Classification panel in Maintain Course. To have the QAN show here, you will need to make sure that you have imported the latest QWS files via Tools | Examinations | Import Qualification Data. Then you will need to ensure that you have added the QAN for use in Course Manager via Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Update QANs and Discount Codes for Course Manager. Then go into Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course Classification ensuring that the QAN is set to Active here. Once this is complete, you can add a QAN using the New button.

Please note that if the QAN you are attempting to add is a new qualification that was first made available from March 2022 or September 2022 and is not funded for Post-16, it will not be included in the QWS files so will not be available for use in the Classification panel. There is work being completed so that these QNs can be added manually which is expected to be available in the Spring 2023 release.


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