KS4 Autumn Checking Exercise

The KS4 Autumn Checking Exercise is carried out by the DfE to ensure that the information held within the DfE is the same as what is held in the Schools MIS.  This information relates to GCSE exam results received in the summer and any subsequent remarks, SEN,  Pupil Premium, Dual Registration etc.

Sometimes a student’s grade can be remarked and the Exam Board has not notified the DfE.  This cross-referencing exercise will ensure that both parties, the School and the DfE, have the same information.  Or, in some circumstances, a student maybe issued with an EHCP after the Summer Census and the DfE would not be made aware.

The best way for the school to compare and check the results would be to run the Broadsheet (within Exams Organiser or Sims) and to run reports in Sims to determine who is SEN , PP etc.

In Autumn the DfE checking exercise opens for four weeks from early October.  The first two weeks of the Autumn checking exercise will be for Schools to request amendments to certain pupil level data.

The last two weeks of the Autumn checking exercise will be the only opportunity to request result amendments. Schools and colleges will be able to submit result amendment requests, along with the appropriate supporting evidence. The DfE will have received more data from the awarding organisations towards the end of October, which will appear as ‘late results’ on the tables checking website. This means that the burden of data entry should be lower than it would have been in September for many schools and colleges. All accepted pupil and result amendments from the Autumn checking exercise will be reflected in revised data to be published in January 2023. All schools and colleges will be contacted ahead of the June and Autumn checking exercises with details about how they will be able to access their data. Full guidance will be provided by the DfE to schools and colleges nearer the time to support engagement with these.

This website DfE School and College Tables Information (education.gov.uk) reports provisional data that schools need to check before revised performance measures data is published in February 2023.

If you are having difficulties accessing the system, you will need to contact the schools’ DfE helpline by submitting a ‘Contact Us’ request via the KS4 Autumn checking exercise link above, or by telephone on 0845 3077867.


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