I have created a CTF but I can’t find it to upload it to S2S

The Exception log (section 4) of the export process will show if SIMS .net has exported the CTF successfully. The key is to look at the Number of Students in File and compare this to the Number of Students Processed. If these match then the export has been successful and the CTF is ready to be uploaded.

If SIMS .net has not exported the CTF look to the Exception log for reasons why.

Default locations for CTF files awaiting upload
Non hosted standalone SIMS = C:\SIMS\STAR\CTFout
Non hosted networked SIMS = G:\Public\SIMS\STAR\CTFout
Hosted SIMS = F:\Public\SIMS\STAR\CTFout

Check under Tools > Setups > CTF to see where your default location is.

Reviewed 04/04/2018

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