Windows 10 update causing computer to crash when printing

It has been noted that the latest Windows 10 update can cause issues when printing, causing the computer to crash and restart. If the update is removed from the PC and then it is restarted this should solve the issue. You can uninstall the buggy updates by closing all applications, opening a Command Prompt, and…

Installing MS Office 2019

The Volume Licence Agreement of this version of MS Office doesn’t provide a direct download setup as previous versions. The following are the steps needed to download and install this version. Log in to your Microsoft Volume Licence portal using the credentials provided when the licence was purchased.  Obtain the relevant MAK product code. Go…

Using SIMS ID to Sync SIMS Timetables with Office 365

Please see the following website for information on Syncing SIMS Timetables with O365 calendars using SIMS ID. Once the patch 24526 has been applied, this will also configure SSM (SIMS Service Manager) If you require the synchronising to stop, on the SIMS server you can switch the service off, it is titled ‘Send SIMS…

Creating Contract Letters and Documents

The Contract Printing shortcut within Hosted SIMS is no longer supported. The Contract Letters and their contents from the shortcut can still be used but the contents should be checked with either the Local Authority or whoever supplies the HR Support for the school. Scomis no longer provide support for producing Contract Letters.

SWC – Calculate all details button is missing

If you experience this issue then you need to go to Tools | Statutory Return Tools | School Workforce Census Settings. Put the tick in ‘Allow editing of Base Pay Data’. When you reopen your SWC the calculate all details button should appear. KB27219