Scomis Hosted Application Service

Supported Hosted Applications

Supported applications on the Hosted Applications service can include, where appropriate:

  • FMS
  • Discover
  • Nova-T6
  • Launcher
  • Monitor
  • Petty Cash Authorisation
  • Prepare Authorised Payments
  • Reformat for FMS
  • Claim Preparation
  • Claim Transfer
  • Creditor Debtor End of Year
  • ConDocs
  • Contract Printing
  • Finance File Manager
  • Trial Balance Comparison
  • A2C Migration Application

Supported, although users may be referred to third party support:

  • Scamp
  • Probe
  • SecureNet
  • SecureNet Exams
  • Exam Centre
  • WebXchange

This list is not exhaustive and may not be appropriate for all establishments.

Additional applications may be compatible with the Scomis Hosted Applications service and details can be found at

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