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Encryption: Alternative ways to log in rather than local administrator


I’ve been looking at how we get onto an encrypted laptop as a local administrator.  Is there a better way than the following: log on to the laptop with one of our .adm accounts, let the machine get to Windows with the SSO, then log off that user and then log on as the local administrator.


The first time you log on with your .adm if you log on with the administrator account it should store this as the SSO for the .adm user. If that does not work due to your machines having different local admin passwords the method you are using now is the only one available.  We can reset the SSO functionality of your .adm account if it has been inadvertently linked to a standard windows user account. Please log a call with the Service Desk if you would like this to happen.


Last Reviewed: 23/12/2014

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