Trial Balance Report – Option to hide FC and FD Codes

From the Spring 2014 upgrade Capita has changed the way schools can choose to use or hide FC and FD codes from the Trial Balance Report.  The following is included in their documentation for the upgrade.

Enhancements to the Summary Trial Balance By Ledger Code Report

This report has been enhanced to enable you to decide whether to exclude certain ledger codes from the generated report. The default position is that all ledger codes are included by default. Once the financial year and period has been selected, the option to hide FC (Fund Control) and FD (Fund Allocation) ledger codes (Hide FC and FD sections check box) becomes available in the report criteria screen. Once you select to hide FC and FD ledger codes, all ledger codes excluding the FC and FD ledger codes for the selected year will be displayed in the report. The option to exclude the FC and FD ledger codes has been made available for schools that account for their income using income ledger codes rather than fund allocations.


Reviewed 08/02/2018

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