Staggered Lunches in Nova

Where staggered lunch periods are required/overlap, it is best to create an extra period.  This manages the staggered lunch much better, but will distort any period analysis.

On the Cycle screen – choose the lunch periods and give them a green period type Lunch – i.e. not exclusive

In Plan | Subjects, create a subject called Lunch

On the Model screen – create a block for each year group (or part year group if they do not have lunch together)

On the Block screen, build these blocks.  Either leave them to be autoscheduled, or schedule and lock them if required.

On the NCC screen, create an NCC called Lunch, highlight it and click the Lunch button. This will give each teacher a single lunch period for each day, i.e. 5 for a one week timetable, 10 for a two week and so on.  The number of lunch periods for part time staff will need to be edited individually. Schedule these lunches manually on the NCC screen or autoschedule them on the Auto screen. They can be left to be shuffled around by autoschedule, or, if required, they can be locked onto the schedule to prevent them moving.

The automatic lunch function will only create single lunch NCCs for teachers.

If the cycle has changed it will need to be sent to SQL.  Please see

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