Backup Control Update

A fault was identified with the Scomis Backup Control utility which results in a SIMS .net database backup not functioning as expected.  The fault has been tracked to a database version name change as a result of the Capita SIMS upgrade.

A update to Backup Control has been issued and is available for download using the link below.  Please note that this is an update and not an installable release.

If you are installing Backup Control on new Workstation/Server please follow  Once installed download the updated version of the application and move to the location where Backup Control has been installed, replacing BCTRL.exe


It is likely that any existing schools who have updated may need to tidy up multiple redundant backups after updating BCtrl.exe.  Browse to C:\SQLBackup\ and navigate the folder structure and look for files with a .BAK extension.  Any files that are older than 15 days should be safe to delete.

Reviewed on 01/08/2019


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