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Suggested Google Chrome GPO ADM Settings – (AMEND AS APPROPRIATE)

The following setting are just a suggestion on how to configure the Google Chrome Group Policy for User Configuration

This is based on the ADM file as of 2nd February 2014 – a more up to date ADM may differ.

Browse to User Configuration – Administrative Templates right click and select Add/Remove Templates…Import the Chrome ADM file then look for – Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) to find Google and Google Chrome sub folders


Root of GPO

Set Chrome as Default Browser = Disabled (if the school want IE to remain default – this needs to be set to prevent Chrome checking and prompting every time it is opened)
Disable Developer Tools = Enabled
Disable proceeding from Safe Browsing warning page = Enabled
Force Safe Search = Enabled
Hide the Web Store from the New Page Tab = Enabled
Import (various) from default browser on first run = Disabled
Incongnito Mode available = Disabled
Enable Safe Browsing = Enabled
Show Home Button on Toolbar = Enabled
Allow sign in to Chrome = Disabled
Disable synchronisation of data with Google = Enabled
Home page:
Configure the Home Page URL = Enabled (http://www.google.co.uk)
Use New Tab Page as Homepage = Disabled
Startup Pages:
Action on Startup = Enabled (Open a list of URLs)
URLs to Open = Enabled (http://www.google.co.uk – set this to be the same as the homepage URL)
Default Search Provider:
Enable Default Search Provider = Enabled
Default Search Provider Name = Google
Default Search Provider URL = http://www.google.co.uk/search?{google:acceptedSuggestion}{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}sourceid=chrome&ie={inputEncoding}&q={searchTerms}

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