Hosted Applications Migration – Configuring SIMS

UPDATE – B2Buser and Backup user are no longer required to be setup.

Log on to a front end server

Run Connect to Dataset shortcut, Select school.

Log on to with the username and password supplied by the school

Create a Scomis Technical Team user (SIMS login name = Scotech) in System Manager. Note down the SIMS generated password ready for SN team to reset later when testing.

Add the Scotech account to the following groups in SIMS –

  • Click Focus > System Manager > Manage Users
  • Click New
  • Type Forename as Scotech and Surname as Scomis
  • Leave DOB and gender blank
  • Click continue
  • Change username to Scotech
  • Make it a member of the following groups
    • Admissions Officer
    • Assessment Co-ordinator
    • Attendance Manager
    • Cover Manager
    • Exams Officer
    • Personnel Officer
    • Profiles Co-ordinator
    • Returns Manager
    • School Administrator
    • SEN Coordinator
    • System Manager
    • Timetabler
    • Third Party User Management
    • TP SuperUser
  • Record the Password and get Server and Network team to reset password post install
  • Click Save
  • Exit SIMS


Set DocServer in the Database

  • Log back into SIMS with Scotech user with the password you recorded
  • Go to Tools > Setups > Document Management Server.
  • In Computer Name, add the SIMSDBxx (were XX is the SIMSDB server the school resides on – ie SIMSDB12), test the connection
  • In description change to show short school name
  • Save changes.
  • Test that a report runs correctly (testing this before importing the reports will show that the DocStorage folders have been correctly copied from the school)
    • Click on Reports>Run Report
    • Focus>Staff>Staff Absence
    • Click on Run
  • If the report fails or the SIMS dataset has been upgraded, go to Reports>Import
    • Go to Reports>ImportClick Open
    • Select latest PreDefined_Reports
    • Click Open
    • Select Check All
    • Click Import
    • Wait until Status displays imported on list
    • Close
    • Rerun Staff Absence Report. If it fails report to S & N Team


  • Log into SIMS with Backup user.
  • You will be prompted to change the password
  • Look under the Template School in \\simsnet01\e$\SIMS\Schools.ini to find what to change the Backup user password to. Replace the question mark with the first letter of the school.


All Schools B2B setup

  • Reset B2B password (password same as Scotech)
  • Reset the B2BSetup user account and note down the password.
  • Log into SIMS as B2BSetup user
  • Go to Tools, Setups, CTF and change paths to F:\Public\SIMS\STAR\CTFIN and CTFOUT (save changes)
  • Select Routines, Data Exchange, Configuration
  • Check the proxy settings (change to if required)
  • Immediate Task – Change Store XML file generated in F:\Public\SIMS\LEA\Outbox
  • Immediate Task – Change Store B2B:Student file posted in F:\Public\SIMS\LEA\Outbox\BB
  • Scheduled Task – XML = D:\B2B\ShortSchoolName\Generated
  • Scheduled Task – B2B Student File = D:\B2B\ShortSchoolName\Posted
  • Save changes


Note – when changing the names of the tasks below, use the exact naming as shown as otherwise the names won’t appear in order under Scheduled Tasks on the database server.

If none of the information is configured or any tasks are scheduled between midnight and 2am (when the SQL service is stopped) then inform the Server and Network Team.

Portsmouth do not use these tasks check with the school to confirm that they use this by looking on scheduled tasks on the SIMS Server.


  • Select Routines, Data Exchange, Manage Tasks
  • Click on Search
  • (Names may vary if they were not setup originally by Scomis)
  • Select B2B Student Data or Pupil Details
  • Change the name of the task to “B2B Student Data – School Name
    • Make sure the job is active (tick the box if required)
  • Save any changes
  • Go back to browse and select Attendance Data
  • Change the name of the task to “Attendance Data – School Name
  • Make sure the job is active
  • Save any changes


  • Torbay/North Somerset schools only – go back to the search and select Absence Data
    • Change the name of the task to “Absence Data – School Name
    • Make sure the job is active
    • Save any changes


  • Once complete you need to check that the task run
    • Log onto the Database server holding the schools data
    • Check the B2B folders have been created D:\B2B\ShortSchoolName\Generated and D:\B2B\ShortSchoolName\Posted
    • Run the school task for Absence Data, Attendance Data and Student Data
    • Check the file xml files are created in the B2B folders

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