Scomis Hosted Applications – How to request an External Connector

To request the External Connector for any of the programs that require one please go to the following webpage:

If you are unsure if the program you want to use requires an External Connector, please check by going to the following link –

When logged into the External Connector request website you will be prompted for a username and password. Only users with User Management can log in, this will be the users with the ability to reset passwords for the school, create new users and apply shortcuts. Once logged in you will then be able to request a new connector, and view any previously requested connectors. You will need the IP address or server name for reference so the school and ourselves will know what computer the External Connector is installed on.

Please click on the image below that displays the request screen:

External Connector 1


After the External Connector has been requested an automatic email will be sent to the Service Desk inbox so we can log a call and authorise the connector. Once we have authorised it and notified yourself, you will then need to wait ten minutes for the download to become active on the same page.


Reviewed 22/02/2016

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