FMS Financial Reporting Suite (FRS)

Here are some known issues and recent queries.  It is planned that this is a rolling FAQ so may be added to in future.

PDF too small to read?

check  the page layout, zoom and resolution in the Acrobat report by going to Edit | Preferences | Page Display.

Capita suggests view as page layout automatic, zoom 100% and custom resolution 110 pixels/inch.

Or export to Excel instead

Detailed Budget Monitoring by Cost Group missing some groups?

Check in FMS the groups don’t have sub groups, if so they will show in FRS below the groups as they are treated as groups in their own right

What is the level of reporting?

The information is pulled in from FMS at lowest (ie ledger code) level

Unable to edit Cost Centre to £00.00

1. In the Forecast Report – do not group and sort by Cost Code

2. Instead right mouse click on the Estimated Future Inc/Exp or Forecast Amendment column heading and sort in ascending or descending order

3. Find the amount and change to 0

4. The changes should save

5. You can then reload the report and group and sort by Cost Code and resume working on it

This is just a workaround. The bug will be fixed in a future upgrade

Cover Page Form

B/Fwd is a total of all monies, manually enter the Planned Capital which reduces planned revenue accordingly

Year does not default to current

Capita have confirmed that this will be fixed in Spring 2015

Error unable to find *.xsd file

Are you still running Windows XP?  Please log a call with the Service Desk as this seems to be linked to the inabilities of XP to find program files

Unable to find file to load even though visible in Windows Explorer

Are you still running Windows XP? File name defaults to date with full stops so is not a *.frs file – use a different file name without full stops

Centrally Invoiced column disappearing when loading FMS data

If there are any relevant items in FMS then this column will be populated automatically. There should be no need to choose it if it does not appear as it is not an editable column

Reviewed 29/7/20


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