Scomis Hosted Application Service / hosted SIMS – Remote Access Benefits

How the remote access functionality of the Hosted Application Service will benefit your school


Remote Access definition – For the Hosted Application Service remote access is deemed any connection by a user outside of the SWGfL.  The Remote Access facility of the Hosted Application service means your school can change ISP with no disruption to end users 2

It provides: Seamless, Secure & Flexible Access you can access hosted SIMS at any time 1 – whether in school, at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Our service enables you to meet the growing demand to provide access to SIMS from home, promoting flexible working and a good work life balance for your users.
  • Our data security features mean access can be provided outside school without compromising requirements for the safeguarding of sensitive information.

No compromise on Security

In designing the latest generation of our remote access functionality Scomis concentrated on data security using proven Microsoft Remote Access technologies.  The solution has been penetration tested by 3rd party security experts and is fully patched and updated on a regular basis. Your connection to the service is doubly encrypted using the same familiar reassurance of a padlock in the connection bar

Note: The padlock will only be visible when connecting via Remote Access

Improved Availability

The new solution has been deployed in a fully resilient configuration meaning that we are resistant to hardware failure and through our load balancing system can carry out a greater level of maintenance tasks whilst leaving the service available for operation.


Easier to access

Reducing the complexity of the solution through removal of the client side Java requirement means simplified troubleshooting in the event of problems


Flexible working

Studies have shown that adopting flexible working approach will increase your staff productivity and improve communication both internally and externally.  Providing remote access to your MIS is a great aid in this and will go toward helping your staff in achieving a good work life balance


Collaborative working

Whether when attending a training course at Scomis or whilst working with colleagues from another school the remote access option will enable your staff to securely access your SIMS data from anywhere.


Emergency Access

In times of crisis where a building has been effected by fire or flood the ability of your staff to securely access SIMS data and send updates to parents with your messaging solution can be a great positive step and contribute to your effective business continuity procedures.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Some organisations have been able to measure their reduction in carbon footprint specifically through enabling staff to work from home when appropriate which may assist you in contributing to a wider CSR policy.


1 For details of our supported clients please visit

2 Scomis still recommend testing any significant network change and advise ICT staff to check the connectivity requirements

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