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Scomis Hosted SIMS – Discover Benefits

 What is Discover and why would we want to use it?

SIMS Discover is a graphical, analytical tool that allows you to analyse your SIMS data and present it in a variety of ways. The powerful user interface enables the data to be presented in Venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts and line graphs, with the ability to drill down into the data.

With SIMS Discover, you and your staff can analyse student data in minutes, saving valuable time.

Further benefits of Discover include:

  • Simple drag and drop analysis

There is no need to write a report simply call up a base graph, drag and drop criteria and build your graph.  Need the number of PPI Girls in Year 5?  Need to know how many Boys born in the summer term have a Special Need?  How many EAL girls have low attendance?  With a few clicks you can call this data up and save your graph definition for later on.

  • Find trends and patterns in your pupil data

Cross match any criteria – gender vs. attainment, low attendance vs. special needs, and poor behaviour vs. registration group are just a few examples.

  • Analyse and present data in a variety of formats

Bar chart, Line Graph, Pie Chart or Venn diagrams – choose the format which best suits your graph, be it a population analysis or progress over time.

  • Create dynamic groups for monitoring performance

Monitoring key groups has never been easier.  Set up a low attendance group and SIMS manages the membership and tells you when someone joins or leaves the group. You set the criteria, SIMS discover does the monitoring.

  • Compare your data over time

Switch between the last three years of data to enable instant comparisons between current students and last year’s cohort.

  • Receive automatic alerts

Set up your dynamic groups with alerts and get messages on your Home Page telling you whose absence has dipped, who has reached 25 achievement points or who has misbehaved.

  • Export the graphs you create into PowerPoint, Word or Excel spreadsheets

Any graph can be exported or copied and inserted into Word to produce a professional looking report for governors or parents.

Do we have to purchase any additional licences from Capita to use Discover?

If your school has Assessment Manager, Discover is included in the licence for that product. If you do not have Assessment Manager you will need to purchase licences either via your local authority or from Capita if you have a Direct Capita SIMS Licence.


Will Discover automatically appear on my toolbar?

No, you will need to log a call with the Service Desk to request us to install a Discover database for your school onto our hosted platform.  Once the installation has been installed you will see an icon for Discover on your toolbar when logging in to hosted SIMS.


Will we need any training on Discover?

If a school is new to Discover, we strongly recommend training; please contact us for more information.

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