How to add an existing user of hosted applications to another school’s database

As an example Tom.Jones63 already has access to school A where he is mainly based and needs access to school B and C which are within the same Federation or Trust, this is not an unusual request. The user needs to be added to the Sims System Manager database in EACH school required and then they will be able to access hosted SIMS for each school under a single login.

To do this go to:-

Focus>System Manager>Manage Users – click New

Type in Jones and click continue – a list of Matched People will appear

If Tom is not in this list then click New on the right hand side

If Tom is in this list choose the Open option

Section 1 – fill in Title, Legal Forename, Gender and Date of Birth

Section 2 – enter the Username as SIMSNET\Tom.Jones63, ignore the password field

Section 3 – add the permission groups that Tom needs, if Tom only needs access to the hosted environment but not Sims .net data then use the Application Links permission group

Click save

Once this is done please email requesting that Tom.Jones63 has the drop down list added to his login, stating the names of the schools and confirming that he has been added to system manager. This request should come from someone with User Management access, usually the Headteacher or Network Manager.

Please do not use the Request New User tool as this will generate new logins for Tom rather than linking the one login to several schools.

If the user requires access to any other software then they will need to be set up as usual and appropriate shortcuts allocated by someone with User Management access.


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