Fatal Error in FMS

Fatal Error generated when accessing areas of FMS

This is usually a permissions issue where the user does not have create/write permissions for the directory path where the FMS SQL database is located eg: c:\program files\sims\fmssql or the user does not have permissions to the LOCKDIR directory containing the PDOXUSRS.NET file.


Make sure there is a LOCKDIR directory in the main Sims folder eg G:\Sims\Lockdir

Go to Start>Control Panel>BDE Administrator>Configuration

Expand the tree to Configuration>Drivers>Native>Paradox

Set NETDIR to the directory as above eg G:\Sims\LOCKDIR

On the tree go to Configuration>System>Init


Delete any pdoxusrs.net files from the root of C:\

The workstation may need a reboot but this isn’t always necessary.

If this is a locally installed version of FMS then try another user logged onto the workstation or use an administrator account – maybe the user profile needs replacing.

NB – this can also affect other older software such as Exams

Reviewed 14/05/2019


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