How do I import a supplier catalogue in FMS6?

You need the route Focus>Accounts Payable>Supplier

1.  Double click the required supplier name to open the details, go to tab 3 Catalogue and click the Import Catalogue button.

2.  Change the default location to the drive holding the filet most suppliers now provide either a CD or the file will have been copied to your computer so use the browser on the right to locate the catalogue.  Clicking Select will import the catalogue.


For Scomis Hosted customers

Log into Hosted SIMS and go to the shortcut for Scomis Website to bring up an internet browser page.

Browse to the supplier and find their latest catalogue- download the supplier zip file catalogue to F:\Public\Updates and save.  Please ensure that you have only one CATdbf zip file in that location and it has today’s date. (delete any others)

Then log into FMS and go Focus>Accounts Payable>Supplier and using tab 3 Catalogue choose to import catalogue, browse to F:\Public\Updates and import.  The import will begin.

If  the option for Import Catalogue doesn’t show, check you’re working in the correct year in FMS.



Reviewed 21/04/2021

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