Nova T6 : Sending a change to the Cycle mid- year

It is not recommended to send a change to the cycle mid year, but in some cases it is necessary if the times or number of periods must be changed before the start of the new year.
If the cycle is changed and sent mid year then the correct date range must be entered.  It should NEVER be a date in the past as this will result in loss of data in both lesson monitor and cover.   Please make sure that you have printed out any future cover arrangements and lesson marks so that they can be re-input after the start of the new cycle as any lesson marks or cover in SIMS after the start date of the new cycle will be lost.
Once the changes have been made export the new cycle using the route Data | Export Timetable Cycle to SQL in Nova-T6
Untick Fixed Week Cycle only if the cycle is not of one or two week length
Enter the correct Start Date – this is most important. 
Click OK
Always take a backup of SIMS .net before exporting from Nova to SQL.
After the cycle has been exported, the Curriculum and Timetable should be exported from the same start date, otherwise timetables in SIMS .net will be empty.

From the start date of the cycle send onwards, Cover Assignments, Lesson Marks and Student Clash Resolutions (including those for Alternative Curriculum) will be deleted.

The following will have to be done or re-done in SIMS .net:

Tools | Academic Management | Apply Timetable – from the start of the new Cycle

Tools | Setups | Lesson Monitor Setup – reset the AM/PM sessions and Reg periods for the new Cycle, if Lesson Registration is used.

Tools | Cover | Manage Rotas – from the start of the new Cycle, if the Cover Rota is used.

Focus | School | Academic Structure | Curriculum Assignment by Student – Any students clashes already in place and resolved will need to be resolved again from the start of the new cycle.
If any any doubt, please ring Scomis for advice.
REVIEWED 31/7/20

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