Favourite Links in Explorer

The Explorer window along with Open and Save dialog boxes features a Favourite Links section.  This essentially contains short cuts to frequent locations.  Normally users can create a shortcut to this location by dragging the folder on top of the Favourite Links section.  However this can’t be done on the Scomis Hosted Platform due to the lock down permissions of the Windows Group Policies not being granular.

To work around this.

  • Open File Manager (Explorer) – This will usually open in the Documents Folder
  • Right click in the main area of the Documents Folder and choose the New > Shortcut option – A Wizard will start
  • Enter or browse to the folder that you want to create a shortcut for e.g. \\tsclient\c\temp, then click Next
  • Enter a friendly name for the shortcut, then click Next and finally finish.


The next step will involve logging a call with Scomis and asking for your shortcut to be copied to a different location in your user profile.  Scomis will need the name of the shortcut that you want copied.

Scomis will copy the shortcut from your Documents folder into your Profile \LegacyRoamingProfiles\RoamingProfiles\<username>.V2\Links and will be available the next time you access the Hosted Platform.


The name of the area varies dependant on the version of Windows you are accessing.

Windows Server 2008 Favourite Links
Windows 7 Favourites
Windows 10 Quick Access

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