Hosted Application Service – How do I log off when my session has frozen?

More often that not, sessions are not actually frozen, so running through these tasks are likely to resolve most issues:

  • Sometimes programs will pop up a message that gets hidden behind the main program Window.  Use Alt-Tab (while holding down the Alt key, press the Tab key) to display all running programs and messages.  If there is a message, then clicking on the appropriate option will often sort the issue out.
  • If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then close as many programs as you can.  Use Alt-Tab to get to all the programs in turn.  Once you have closed all the programs you can, then this may allow you to log off.
  • If all else fails, then use Ctrl-Alt-End (while holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys, press the End key) and then click on Log Off
  • In the extremely unlikely event that this doesn’t work, then contact the Scomis Service Desk.

Occasionally programs do crash, but if you have re-occurring problems, then please log a call with the Scomis Service Desk.


Last reviewed: 14/02/18

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