Address Validation

Address Validation – what does it do?

It is a service you can switch on in SIMS .net which will make the Validate button to the right of every address in SIMS .net live. When you click on the button it will check and validate the address against the Capita address database.  If you are using it after the Summer 2016 upgrade the validated address will contain the UPRN (unique property reference number).

UPRN – is it statutory?

The unique property reference number is collected by the school census presently but it is not statutory.

How do I switch on the Address Validation?

The address validation can be switched on by running Capita patch 7186.

Hosted Schools: Log a call to request the patch is run on your data.

Non Hosted Schools: Log a call to request the patch is released through Solus 3.

After the service has been switched on you will need to set it up to connect to the internet.

Click here for a quick reference sheet on how to setup and use the address validation service.

Note:  Hosted Schools:  In Tools / Setups / SIMS .net Services the following internet details will need to put in:address-validation-service

Tick is in Internet Connectivity for All Users

Tick is in I can access the internet through a proxy server

Radio dot is in Use the following Proxy Server

Address is

Radio dot is in Use users network credentials.

Once you put in the internet details don’t click on Test as this will cause the connection to fail.

Is there a quicker way to validate addresses rather than doing it one by one?

 Yes, in addition to the address validation patch you can switch on the bulk address validation service by requesting patch 11328.  However this will need to be managed carefully. It is important that you check each match of the address to the validation service and do not accept them all without checking.  Some authorities have asked their schools not to use the bulk address validation service because it can match to the incorrect address.

It is recommended that you tidy your existing addresses before attempting to use the address validation service.

Guidance on the address tidy and merge housekeeping routine can be downloaded here.

Guidance on using the bulk address validation service can be downloaded here.

Hosted Schools: If you are using the bulk address validation service and have set up a scheduled task you will need to log a call with the service desk to request the task is made active.


I have an address in SIMS but it can’t find a match when I try to validate it. I know it is the right address.

Open up the address and check that the fields are in the right place, i.e. there is no text in a number field – the street name is not in the apartment field etc.

You might also try typing in the postcode in as a new address and clicking on continue to see if there is a match – that will show the validated address and you may have to change your address to match it (click on modify next to the address), then validate again.

If you still can’t validate it, it may be that the validation address database is not up to date. The database is updated 3 times a year, so try again later.

We have run the patch but the button to validate is not live.

Check in Tools / Setups / Services that the address validation service is showing and that you have put the internet settings and proxy server settings in correctly. In the Internet Connectivity Section click on Test – if the test fails it may be there is a firewall blocking the address validation site.

I have set up a scheduled task to bulk validate addresses but the validated addresses have not been returned.

Hosted schools: Please log a call with the service desk to check that the scheduled task is running on our servers

Non hosted schools: Please check with your IT manager that the scheduled task is running on your SQL Server.

Reviewed 27/7/20




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