How do I attach QCA Subject codes?

To enable Performance Analysis,  it is necessary to enter QCA subject codes into basedata if they have not already been supplied by the Boards.

To attach QCA codes,

  1. Use Focus | Basedata to open the Basedata window showing the Basedata for the current season.
  2. Expand e.g. EDEXL/GCE to show the Series 6C06_EDEXL GCE.
  3. Expand this series to show the list of Awards.
  4. Expand the award e.g. Biology (Human) (EDEXL 9042) to show the element 9042 Biology (Human)
  5. Right click the element and choose Properties, the QCA field will be blank.
  6. Click the Browse button for the QCA code and enlarge the browse window by dragging the bottom right hand corner.
  7. Scroll down (eg. to 1030 Biology Human) and select it
  8. Click the Save button and close the Basedata window

QCA codes once set will persist from version to version and from season to season.

Note: Only Awards linked to Courses will be processed.

Reviewed 29/7/20

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