Cloning an Existing Series of Basedata

  1. After creating your Domestic Season you will need to open the Basedata window via Focus > Basedata.
  2. Right-click the DOM board, and then select “Clone a Previous Series” from the menu displayed
  3. Highlight the series that you want to clone and then enter a code & title. The code will need to start with the month of the season (1-9 for January – September & A,B & C for October, November & December). 
  4. It is possible to select which items (different combinations of awards, elements and/or components) should be imported, but accept the default choice.
  5. Click Select.
  6. Expand the new series to check the details.
  7. Right-click the component and select Properties. Add suitable timetable information (the date defaults to the start of the season), and then click Save.


Once the initial investment is made in creating a series of basedata, it becomes a straightforward task to clone and edit it for future use.


Reviewed 24/5/19

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