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Teacher 2 Parents – Invalid Username or Password

When using Teachers 2 Parents to create an extract and update T2P’s an error may occur ‘Invalid username or password’.

  • T2P uses the sims.net username Teachers2Parents.
  • This username and password can be checked by logging onto sims.net using the username ‘Teachers2Parents’ and the password, (on TS  log onto the local install of sims Start>All Programs>sims applications>sims) if sims access is successfull then the password is confirmed.
  • If the login to sims.net with the username Teachers2Parents with the expected password does not work, it will be necessary to log into sims as someone with system manager rights and reset the password for the user Teachers2Parents. This can be done via Focus – System Manager – Manage Users
  • The username and password is used in the T2P software, click on the icon on the desktop, check that the username is Teachers2Parents and overtype the password, the extract and import should be created.


Reviewed 18/02/2015

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