Where can I locate my finance files? (Devon Schools)

Devon schools use Anycomms to download finance files which consist of the following file types:

dt – Devon Transfer

ii – Internal Invoices

bm – Budget Management

pi – Payroll Information

To download these files, you need to log into Anycomms, ensure the download file path is set, (Hosted schools)  F:\public>anycomms>Inbox (Non hosted schools)  – C:\anycomms>Inbox  Once you have downloaded these files, you will then need to file these files into relevant folders, to ensure the inbox is kept clear for future downloads. NB: The “Reformat for FMS” routine will need to be run for “dt” files as the software will then transfer these files from the Anycomms Inbox to Sims>transfer>in, ready to import into FMS.


Please see the following faq’s for anycomms guides.

Anycomms Hosted guide – https://faq.scomis.org/kb19089/

Anycomms Non Hosted guide  – https://faq.scomis.org/kb19106/









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