Redstor Remote Backup – How to resolve skipped file errors

Even if an overnight automated backup is successful, you may receive notification that there were possible errors.

On checking the log files, there could be some (or even several) files which don’t backup. You can find out which files these are by checking the log files in the console. It is the schools responsibility to ensure all their required data is backed up correctly.

If the error shown is “Unable to open file [File Name and Path] reason: Access is denied, then this is due to the file not having sufficient security permissions to allow the remote backup software (Redstor) to complete it’s backup process.

Normally, the backup service runs as the local SYSTEM user.

To fix any files which have the “Access is denied” error, please add System “read permissions” to the file(s) or folder(s) concerned.

If there are multiple files which require System permissions added, you may want to contact your IT support provider for the server or PC this is affecting.

Care needs to be taken when modifying security permissions so if you are unsure how to make these changes, please contact the Scomis Service Desk.

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