Pupil Premium – Import

To download your latest pupil premium file, you can go to Get Information about Pupils (GIAP) through the DFE Secure Sign In website.  If you are a Scomis Hosted school please do this through the DFE Sign In shortcut in your shortcut panel.

DFE Sign In

Once signed in go to the GIAP (Get information about Pupils) area, on the top banner you will see a downloads tab.  From here you can downloaded the pre-prepared pupil premium file and save it to a suitable location.

Once saved in SIMS you can to to Tools – Pupil Premium – Import. and browse to the location for the file

Click here for information on Import options.

Once you have imported the file, you will see a list of pupils that are in the file, you will need to press ‘Save’ to confirm this list of pupils and you can then see the tick in their records.



The Pupil Premium can be manually updated when you receive notification of your Looked After pupil premiums through Tools / Pupil Premium / Maintain

Tick the Use Looked After Pupil Premium to Update Pupil Premium Indicator if you wish to update the PPI indicator in the pupil / student record from the changes you are making to the list.

Click on Add on the right hand side to add a pupil not already in the list and fill in the options appropriately, or select a pupil from the list and add the new information.

(The import options file is from 2014 but all information is still relevant and the instructions are the same for this year)



Reviewed – 28/09//2021 – DS










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