What is the difference between CRD and CKD within Edit PI and should I say YES to recollate the PI memberships?

Collating PI Data (Resetting Discounting)
Click the CRD button on the Edit PI Data page.

If this option is selected, all manual Discounting ticks recorded in the Performance Results grid are discarded on collation. Only the automatic Discounting rules are applied.

Collating PI Data (Keeping Discounting)

Click the CKD button on the Edit PI Data page. If this option is selected, the manual Discounting made to results will be automatically re-applied after collation.
Recollate the PI Memberships – Yes or No?

In Tools / Examinations / Edit PI when the collation routines are run (CKD or CRD) should I select Yes or No to collate the memberships?

Whenever changes have been made, results have been entered manually or entered via EDI or a marksheet, ALWAYS press YES to Collate All Memberships. You will also need to press YES to Collate All Memberships if you made any other changes, for instance, Basedata discount codes, QAN imports, changes to Manage Qualifications in Sims, new candidates exist in Examinations Organiser, and before running PI reports through the route Tools | Examinations | PI reports.

However, if you have used Examinations Organiser |Tools | Group Manager | PI Cohort to make manual adjustments to the memberships of the pre-set cohorts for any reason, you should say No when collating the memberships as otherwise this will remove your manual adjustments. HOWEVER please be aware that this is inadvisable due to the fact that MANY other areas of Edit PI rely on you having pressed Yes to Collate All Memberships in order for them to fully calculate.

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