SIMS Finance : Top Tips


Every ledger code has access to all datasets:

Dataset 1             Actuals

Dataset 2             Original budget

Dataset 3             Revised budget

Dataset 4             Commitments

Dataset 5             GRN not invoiced

Dataset 6             GRN accumulated

Dataset 7             Transaction consolidation



SIM Finance is module based with a work flow pattern between the modules:


PRL         Purchase Ledger

RSS         Requisitions/orders (Requisitions Services & Supplies)

SLS         Sales Ledger/Accounts Payable eg lettings invoices

FAM      Fixed Asset Management

ICE         Integra Catalogue export

NML      General ledger/Nominal ledgers (Journals)

CMS       Cash Management

General Tips

  • In any date field if you put 0 then tab it puts todays date.
  • Wild card
  • Right click on field and F8 for info on field
  • Click on Corner to highlight and save whole of spreadsheet.
  • Type 000 to enter the zeros in a spreadsheet
  • Debit Bank account to pay into the bank account
  • Add favourites
  • Click Back can take you out of the screen without saving.
  • F8 shows info on the field you are in.
  • In each of the menu areas there is an Active box to select or deselect


Configure the home page

ADM173 – Configuring the Homepage


Two homepages – Administration and SIMS Finance



The Retain Line Narrative box should be ticked if you wish to retain the narrative used in the first screen for all subsequent lines in the journal.  If you change the narrative on the line it will keep this new narrative when you add the next line of the journal.  If this box is not ticked and you make a change to the narrative on a journal line it will default on the next line to the original narrative.


Order Status


Awaiting Intervention

Entered (authorised)

Part Received Fully Received

Part Received / Part Invoiced

Fully Received / Part Invoiced

Fully Received / Fully Invoiced



Invoice Status


For Certification

Posted To Purchase Ledger (authorised)

Partly Paid

Fully Paid

Awaiting Authorisation (Q)



Sales Ledger Terminology


IBAN      –              International Bank Account number



Transaction Types:


LRC Lodgement Via Slips
LEN Direct Lodgement
LAD Lodgement Adjustment
LTR Lodgement Transfer
PRQ Payment Request
PMN Manual Payment
PMR Payment Reversal
PAD Payment Adjustment
PTR Payment Transfer



MNLEWEB – Enquiries

MNL400 – Account Enquiry

Choose School or blank for all.  Can select individual codes   use wild card to get all  ***-**

All cost centres ****/1640-01



Selecting All Companies:

The very first time a user has been into any screen eg in CMS. Therefore if you have access to more than one company you have to select your default company for CMS.  Enter 99999. Then can select all companies in the usual way for that screen by clicking select button and tagging as appropriate.

If you have permissions that enable you to select more than one school, or you wish to select All schools in certain processes, such as Period End, select your default school as described, click Save, and then click Select. You will be able to select All schools by clicking the tick box at the top of the list or tick the schools you require.


Search for part rec’d

Process called RSS410 which is the much bigger Integra standard screen for GRNs – looking for part rec’d items.

Import of a Catalogue

Catalogues only imported to a Central Supplier.

ICE100- ICE parameters – will be configured

ICE190 – Import File definition – mostly configured – Field Details – may need to amend default value for supplier number.  Default value needs to match the supplier number.

ICE200 Important and Product Details – configured

SPC420 – File Manager – Go to ICTE Folder and upload file.

ICE600 – Process catalogue import


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