Hosted Connector Always Use a Gateway

From version v6.10 of the Scomis Hosted connector, it is possible for an administrator to set a registry key that will force the Scomis Hosted Applications connector to always use a gateway Server when connecting to the Scomis Service.  This is done by setting a registry key in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key.

This option should be used where the Scomis Hosted Applications connector incorrectly attempts a direct connection to the Scomis Platform.  Direct connections that do not use a Remote Desktop Gateway (HTTPS) connection are only possible when schools use the Same ISP as Scomis.

Since the IP addresses that Scomis use can also be used by other ISP’s this can result in a false positive during the connection detection process, this will happen if port 3389 on open to schools.

This setting should be used in preference to the Gateway Overrride setting.

If, after updating to the v6 Scomis Hosted Connector you are getting errors when trying to login, such as ‘Remote Desktop can’t connect to the Remote Computer’, it could be that the Scomis Hosted Connector is trying use a direct connection to our datacentre which will only currently work if your school uses the SWGfL for your internet provision.

To test this, close any errors, close the Scomis Hosted Connector and then rerun it. Once opened, click on Options > Always Use Gateway and then click Connect and enter your credentials. If you are able to then login to the Scomis Hosted platform, this option will stay “ticked”. If this issue is affecting multiple users you may wish to consider deploying the setting as below.

How to set the “Always Use Gateway” setting:

Administrators will need to use a logon script or group policy preferences to update the following registry key.

HKCU\Software\ScoMIS\SIMS Terminal Server\Settings\AlwaysUseGateway(REG_SZ)

Possible Values

  • 1
  • 0

To prevent the Scomis Hosted Applications Connector using the Always Use Gateway setting, the registry key will need to be removed or replaced with a blank value.


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