Hosted Apps v6.08 Upgrade Troubleshooting

The Scomis Hosted Applications version 6.08 is a major change in the technology that Scomis use for connecting schools to the Scomis Hosted Applications platform.  This page contains  information about Upgrade Troubleshooting.

The new application is written using the Microsoft .net framework, this allows the application to function as a single application removing the need for supporting applications such as ConnectionTester.exe and Chkport-ip.exe (Which are increasingly being flagged as suspect files by anti virus providers).

What do I need on my computer to run the new Hosted Applications?

You will need a minimum version of Microsoft .net Version 4.  This is typically installed by default on Windows 10 computers and is available for older versions of Windows.

If your computer does not have the .net 4 installed, the older KIXforms client will be displayed with a link to KB3909

What to do if your computer does not update automatically

If your upgrade fails to version 6.08 and you have administrative control of your computer, please use the MSI installer to perform a clean installation of the Scomis Hosted Apps connector.  You can download this from  Using the MSI installer will remove all previous versions of the Scomis Hosted Applications connector.

Resetting the Hosted Applications Connector

The Hosted Applications Connector uses a combination of INI files and registry keys that hold the information about where to connect.  If you are able to run the client, use the Help -> Reset to Default Settings menu.  Using this menu route will delete the HKCU\Software\Scomis\SIMS Terminal Server registry key, resetting the client to defaults.

The client by default will use the C:\ProgramData\Scomis\HostedApps folder as its working folder.  This folder contains a the working copy of the client.  The contents of this folder can safely be deleted.  However it is important NOT to delete the parent folder itself, since this contains permissions for “every user” of the computer to add and remove content.  If a regular user does not have permission to edit the content of this folder, the Hosted Applications Client will not self update.

Removing the Scomis Hosted Applications Connector

The application can be removed from the Program and Features control panel.  The original installer will attempt to remove all of the installed program files.  However on some computers the C:\ProgramData\Scomis\HostedApps folder may remain.  If you have uninstalled the Scomis Hosted Apps connector, it will be safe to delete the C:\ProgramData\Scomis\HostedApps folder.  Newer versions of the Scomis Hosted Apps Installer have update logic which should now cleanly remove this folder at time of uninstall.

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