Installing NT6 as a Satellite Version

The Installation setup is only run once on any local machine. The install puts all the necessary files in place and a Spring 2022 version of NT6.exe. The NT6.exe needs updating to the current version in SIMS and then going forwards, updated with every SIMS upgrade.

The instructions for updating the NT6.exe are at the bottom of this FAQ.


• You will need local administrator rights to the satellite machine.

1. Make a copy of the MLICENCE.DAT file from the SIMS\NOVAT folder on the network (hosted schools – F:\PUBLIC\SIMS\SNOVA\NOVAT) and paste it into a local drive on the satellite machine.

2. Download the Sims Installer onto a local drive of the Satellite machine  NovaSatelliteSetup

3. Unzip the – both the NovaSatelliteSetup.exe and the associated signature file need to be in the same folder on a local drive on the satellite machine.

4. Double click on the NovaSatelliteSetup.exe to begin the installation process. The default location for the installation files is C:\ProgramFiles\SIMS\SATS but you can change it in the wizard if you need to. Click Next on the steps to complete the installation.

5. Once the installation has finished – go to the location of the installed files and run the NT6.exe to begin using NovaT6 – you may wish to create a shortcut to the desktop at this point.

6. When you first run it, it will ask for the location of the MLicence.dat file.

7. When NovaT6 first opens it may ask for the path of the SQL folder. You can point to any folder for this purpose as you will not be exporting to SQL from a Satellite machine.



The installation file will install a Spring 2022 version of NovaT6 (NT6.exe). Its vital that you keep the Nova Satellite version in sync with the networked version. You will need to copy the NT6.exe from the Sims .net folder of a networked machine (Scomis Hosted schools please contact the Support Desk 01392 385300 or email for a copy of the latest NT6.exe and a copy will be placed on your Hosted folder F:\public\Updates). Replace the local NT6.exe in …\SIMS\SATS on the satellite machine to update it to the networked version. You will need to replace the NT6.EXE with the latest version every time there is an upgrade to SIMS on the network to keep it in sync.

Reviewed 03/05/22



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