Cannot Print to Curriculum Network Printer(s)

Is there an error message or red/amber LED on the printer?

YES – Obtain printer make and model and approximate age

  1. Re-seat the printer cartridge(s) and ensure there are no paper jams
  2. Restart the printer
  3. If no difference download the manual to troubleshoot the exact problem

NO –  As System Administrator login to the curriculum server (should be done by whomever is responsible for Curriculum network.

  1. Go to Start > Printers & Faxes > Right-click on the printer > Left-click ‘Properties’ > Go to the ‘Ports’ tab > Obtain the IP address and try to ping it
  2. If the ping is unsuccessful ensure the printers network cable is securely plugged in and if it is try a replacement cable, if using a Jet Direct box, ensure this hasn’t died
  3. If the ping is still unsuccessful check the printer hasn’t lost the IP address which it should be assigned – Consult the printer manual to do this and if the address has been wiped off the details can be re-entered as per the guide
  4. If the ping is successful try browsing to the web interface of the printer, i.e. to see if anything shows in the logs or the current printer status
  5. Finally try clearing any outstanding jobs and restarting the print spooler, if a test page then fails to print a log a call with the Scomis Service Desk.

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