How do I import a supplier database into FMS?

This can only be done on a blank database where the import licence patch has been applied. FCR

Please note that if the Supplier database contains any £ characters it will prevent the import of the file into the new database. Import will also fail if suppliers have been manually entered and then deleted.

1.In the current FMS database go to Focus>Accounts Payable>Supplier

2.Click on the icon to export all supplier definitions to xml file

3.Choose where to save the file and make a note of the file name –  you should get a confirmation message

4.In the new FMS database go to Focus>Accounts Payable>Supplier

5.The window should be empty, if any data exists in the supplier list then the import tool will not work

6.Click on the icon on the right to import a supplier definition file

7.Choose the file saved during the export process

NB:The import should happen very quickly. If the process hangs then it has probably found a fault with the xml file. If this is the case then please log a case with ScoMIS

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015


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