I am unable to delete a cost centre or ledger link

There are several things that may stop you deleting a cost centre or a ledger link – please check the following:-

*Please note that it is only possible to delete a ledger code so long as the ledger code remains unused.
Any cost centre over one financial year old will not be possible to delete. This is for historical audit purposes.
A Ledger code or cost centre can be deleted if there is only one financial year open. When the previous year has been closed these can be deleted. The system is designed in such a way that you can only delete a cost centre from a year if its immediate prior year is finalised and if the next year is in ‘started’ state. Hence the system won’t allow you to delete the cost centres in year 2012 or 2013 until the prior year is finalised.
We would suggest the user rename the description of the cost centre that needs to be deleted in 2012 and 2013 to ‘DO NOT USE’ and hence no one will use them in future. Once year 2011 is finalised, the unused cost centres in 2012 can then be deleted successfully. Similarly, delete the cost centres in 2013 once year 2012 is finalised etc.
A ledger code cannot be deleted if a budget has been set against it.
1. Make sure that the cost centre is not used in budget planning and all links to ledger codes have been deleted.
2. Make sure all links to ledger codes have been deleted in General Ledger Setup
3. Check in Salary Projections that there are no service term mappings linked to the cost centre you are trying to delete
a) In FMS, go to Focus | Personnel Links | Salary Projection,
b) Go to Salary Projection | Service Term Mapping
c) Go through each service term whether it has the mapped check box or not removing the cost centre in question. If you try to edit some of them there may be no Ledger codes showing – Delete these mapping lines to help to delete the Ledger codes
4. We also understand that FMS users have deleted User Defined reports from the past, the system however holds onto an internal record of any previously defined ROW Sets relating to previous created User Defined Reports. These must be deleted before you delete the report, which in turn will allow you to delete the COST CENTRES.To overcome this problem please can you select to add a new User defined report and when you come to add a Row set it will show you all previous Row sets that are already defined – Please can you delete them. They must be deleted by the ORIGINATOR of the original User Defined Reports.This process will now enable you to delete any outstanding User Defined Reports.
5. a) Check in Focus | General Ledger | Manual Journal Processing
    b) Click on the templates tick box
    c) Check each template and delete any links to the cost centres
6.  Please check that the ledger codes have not been used in invoices brought forward from a previous year.  this can be checked in Reports | general ledger | transactions | ledger code transactions. Tick the check box Show all transferred transactions and click OK. If transactions have been transferred from last year, then the cost centre can not be deleted.
Ledger Code and Cost Centre links currently being used in CFR mappings for Products in Accounts Receivable will need to be removed. Once they are removed you can delete the links.


Last reviewed 20/12/2017

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