I imported a CTF and now I have a duplicate student

This can happen if the information you have entered into SIMS .net does not match exactly what is on the CTF.  SIMS .net matches 5 pieces of information: forename, surname, date of birth, UPN and gender.  If any of this information differs, SIMS .net will think that the student on the CTF is a new student.  You may also receive a message that the UPN already exists as this happens when SIMS .net is able to match the UPN against an existing student but at least one of the other 5 pieces of information is different.

To avoid having this issue, when you go to create a CTF choose the category: ‘Add Data for Existing Pupils Only’. The CTF will then only match to the student if the five pieces of information mentioned above match in the CTF and the Pupil Records.

If you  have this issue then please go to Routines > Student/Pupil > Delete Pupil.


Reviewed: 14/02/20

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