How do I set Claim Preparation up on another workstation?

Claim Preparation is a networked piece of software so there is no need to install it again.

1.  Create a shortcut on the new workstation pointing to network\dtsapps\clm.exe

2.  Depending on what other software has been installed on that workstation then it may work but it is more likely that it needs several local .dll files

3.  There is a Workstation dll installation.msi file on the ftp site – copy this to the desktop and run it.  If trying to run the new shortcut still gives missing dll errors then make a note of which ones and copy them into the C:\windows\system32 directory.  Most of them are on the ftp in various places or they will be on a workstation where claims already runs.

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015

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