What should the icon path be for DCCApplications?

There are several programs within DCCApplications.

These are all networked applications so the path needs to be where their data is held – usually G:\ or F:\public

It should be the same for the programs that Plymouth and Torbay use

Authorize Payments            network\dtsapps\scp5.exe

Claim Preparation                network\dtsapps\clm.exe

Claim Transfer                          network\dtsapps\sca5.exe

Download & Reformat          network\dtsapps\snpwb.exe(space) “network\dtsapps\dtcs2006.exe” DTCSIN

Finance File Manager           network\dtsapps\fl.exe

Monitor                             network\dtsapps\mn6.exe

Petty Cash Authorization     network\dtsapps\apc6.exe


Reviewed 30/07/2015

Reformat Previously Downloaded Batches

“network\dtsapps\dtcs2006.exe” DTCSIN


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