Which fields need to be in Establishment Details?

Please enter the following information

Tab 1 – Basic Details

Name = The name of your school

Code = your four digit DfE number

LEA code = The three digit DfE code ie Devon = 878

VAT Registration No = only required if your school operates Local Payments

Borough = not applicable so leave blank

Payable to = only required if your school operates Local Payments

Address = the address and postcode of your school

Telephone, Fax, e-mail = complete as appropriate

Unique Identifier = please leave the option as n/a

DeMinimis Value = please leave as 1.00

Tab 3 – System Parameters

Please leave all the settings as they are but you need to set the Transfer Folder path.

Click on the browser and find your network drive (likely to be G:\ or F:\public) then choose Sims then Transfer, click ok – don’t go to a lower level folder

If your school needs to use the eProcurement or BACS eAdvices then please copy the details from your existing FMS database

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015

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