Which fields need to be in Accounts Payable Parameters? Devon example

Please enter the following information after consulting your Local Authority/Bank

Tab 1 Order Header

If the delivery address is blank you will need to enter the school address, depending on the sequence of events it may have been populated already from the Establishment Details.

General Order Prefix: please enter your four character DfE number

Extra Copies: please enter how many your school requires

Test print: please use this to see if the margin fields need adjustment

Tab 2 Order Print Details

You may change this if required

Tab 3 Authorisation Slips

Authorisation Slip Layout = standard

VAT Description Line = VAT

Order Prefix = blank field

Expenditure Code Prefix = blank field

Expenditure Code Suffix = G and your school DfE number (eg G1234)

VAT Lines = Multiple

Output Method = Export

Date = Use invoice pay by date

Validate Supplier LEA Reference = should be ticked

Slips per Page = 2

Tab 4 Cheque Layout/BACS Parameters

If your school operates a Local Payment Scheme then copy these parameters from your existing database 

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015


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