Hosted Admissions+

Admissions+ by Applicaa can now be accessed as an application within the Scomis platform for Hosted Schools.

Please send a request to Scomis asking for Admissions+ to be setup.
Scomis will require the Hosted Applications username, who will use the application in the request.
We will only be able to provide access to 2 users for your school at this time.

Once the application has been assigned to the user, they can access the application via the WebClient: Here

After logging in, they should then see an Admissions+ SIMS App tile available.

The following is required in order to setup Admissions+:

Admissions+ User
An “Admissions” user within SIMS with the following groups assigned:
– Admission Officer
– Class Teacher
– Curriculum Manager

If the user has not been setup, then please ask a System Manager at the school to do this.

Database Details
You will also need the server name & database name of your school, it will look something like this:
Database Name = DemoSchool
Server Name = SIMSDB**\SIMS2008

This information can be gathered from F:\Public\SIMS\Connect.ini
A System Manager at the school can also request this information from Scomis

Once you have been assigned the Admissions+ application, please contact Applicaa for any further application support.

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