Hosted Admissions+

Admissions+ by Applicaa can now be accessed as an application within the Scomis platform for Hosted Schools.

Please send a request to Scomis asking for Admissions+ to be setup.
Scomis will require the Hosted Applications username, who will use the application in the request.

Once the application has been assigned to the user, they can access the application via the WebClient: Here

After logging in, they should then see an Admissions+ SIMS App tile available.

The following is required in order to setup Admissions+:

Admissions+ User
An “Admissions” user within SIMS with the following groups assigned:
– Admission Officer
– Class Teacher
– Curriculum Manager

This user information will be used when you first setup the application to connect to your SIMS data. We recommend not using your own personal login for this. If the user has not been setup, then please ask a System Manager at the school to do this.

Database Details
You will also need the server name & database name of your school, it will look something like this:
Database Name = DemoSchool
Server Name = SIMSDB**\SIMS2008

This information can be gathered from F:\Public\SIMS\Connect.ini
A System Manager at the school can also request this information from Scomis

Once you have been assigned the Admissions+ application, please contact Applicaa for any further application support.

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