Windows 7 – Assigning a Drive letter to a hard disk

When connecting a hard disk drive to a computer, Windows will automatically assign a drive letter.  However you may need to specifically name a drive to ensure consistency when working with files.

  • Click Start
  • Right Click “Computer”, then choose Manage
  • Expand Storage
  • Click Disk Management (wait for the management app to load information about the disks)
  • Locate the disk that you want to change the drive letter for.
  • Right Click the drive and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”
  • If the disk already has a drive letter assigned, highlight it and then click Remove.
  • Click Add, choose Assign the following drive letter (choose one from drop down box)
  • Click OK,
  • Click OK again,
  • The Drive letter will now be assigned.

NOTE: NEVER Change the drive letter of the Operating System C:\ drive



Reviewed on 17/02/2015

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