A2C Migration App Update 2021

Hosted Schools:
Schools have recently received contact from JCQ to update the A2C Migration App to the new A2C Transport App:

The latest A2C Transport app has been installed as recommended by JCQ.
Users will continue to use the “A2C Exams Transfer” shortcut within SIMS.
A prompt will now be presented when opening the shortcut.

By choosing “Yes” the user agrees to opening the A2C Transport App.
This will continue to work with the schools current .a2cc files.
The user will be prompted each time to choose the new or old application.

JCQ have mentioned that the old application will be available until the end of the Academic year and the old application will be up for review in April 2022.

Locally Hosted Schools:
If you are a locally hosted school then please refer to the following link for guidance on the latest A2C Migration App Update: https://www.jcq.org.uk/a2c-news/update-the-jcq-a2c-migration-app-from-4-october-2021/

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