Upgrade using SOLUS

1. Log all Users out of SIMS and FMS.

It is important that SIMS .net and FMS are kept synchronised, so all users must be logged out of all SIMS modules including FMS while the upgrade is being installed.

Any third party software that accesses the SIMS / FMS database must be disconnected while the upgrade is being run.  (PARS users should use the ‘Kill MS SQL Process option: http://www.tascsoftware.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Kill_MS_SQL_Processes  (this link will open in a new window; Scomis is not responsible for the content of third-party sites.)

2. Run SOLUS from the SQL Server

SOLUS can only be used to update existing installations, and it must be run on the SIMS SQL Server.  If SOLUS is run on a SIMS workstation, the upgrade will fail.

Upgrade notes on SOLUS 2 can be found here.

Any patches or fixes which have been released to you will also be installed automatically together with the upgrade.


Reviewed on 26/05/2015

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