Some of our students have taken exams early, will their results be included in the PI calculations?

Provided that the July season dates overlap with the Summer that is being calculated, yes. If Summer runs 01/05/10 – 30/06/10 and July runs 01/07/10 – 31/07/10, then no.
Results gained in January and November Seasons will be included in Summer PI Calculations.

Certifications cashed in in a previous Season WILL count in the Performance Tables.  The PI GCSE Cumulative will calculate all appropriate certification results to date, discounting where the QCA classification Code is linked to a higher result.

The cumulative values are those used for the ‘official’ PI calculations, since the DfES’s regulations stipulate that, in order to cater for those cases where the students take exams early, all eligible exam results to date are to be taken into account.

Reviewed 24/5/2019

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