Automatic Backups In Nova-T6

Nova T6 can be scheduled to take automatic backups at specified intervals eg. every 5 minutes or every 30 minutes.

To change the frequency of the automatic backup in Nova-T6 go to Tools>Auto Save Options

With Auto Save Options set as shown above:-   A SPB backup file prefixed with $ will be taken every 30 minutes and will be replace after 5 backups have been made.

A SPB backup file prefixed % will be taken every 3 minutes and will be replaced after 5 backups have been made.

A backup can be forced by a user from Data>Force backup

These backups will be saved in the same folder in which the current SPL is held.  The User will need full access rights to this folder.

For Information

$ – is a full snapshot of the work done.

% – is a snapshot of the changes made since the last backup if any changes have been made

To Recover an Automatic Backup or Forced Backup File

When entering Nova-T6 choose Load Other File or from within Nova-T6 choose Load and Load New File.

Choose Load External Dataset and remove the tick from ‘Hide SPB Files’ you will now see SPL and SPB files.


Reviewed on 28/05/2015

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